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Controlling the Display

   Since only part of a large buffer fits in the window, Emacs tries to
show the part that is likely to be interesting.  The display control
commands allow you to specify which part of the text you want to see.

     Clear screen and redisplay, scrolling the selected window to center
     point vertically within it (`recenter').

     Scroll forward (a windowful or a specified number of lines)

     Scroll backward (`scroll-down').

`ARG C-l'
     Scroll so point is on line ARG (`recenter').

`C-x <'
     Scroll text in current window to the left (`scroll-left').

`C-x >'
     Scroll to the right (`scroll-right').

`C-x $'
     Make deeply indented lines invisible (`set-selective-display').

* Scrolling
Moving text up and down in a window.
* Horizontal Scrolling
Moving text left and right in a window.
* Selective Display
Hiding lines with lots of indentation.
* Display Vars
Information on variables for customizing display.

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