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Date Display Format

   You can customize the manner of displaying dates in the diary, in
mode lines, and in messages by setting `calendar-date-display-form'.
This variable is a list of expressions that can involve the variables
`month', `day', and `year', all numbers in string form, and `monthname'
and `dayname', both alphabetic strings.  In the American style, the
default value of this list is as follows:

     ((if dayname (concat dayname ", ")) monthname " " day ", " year)

while in the European style this value is the default:

     ((if dayname (concat dayname ", ")) day " " monthname " " year)

   The ISO standard date representation is this:

     (year "-" month "-" day)

This specifies a typical American format:

     (month "/" day "/" (substring year -2))

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