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Deleting and Rearranging Windows

`C-x 0'
     Get rid of the selected window (`delete-window').  That is a zero.
     If there is more than one Emacs screen, deleting the sole remaining
     window on that screen deletes the screen as well. If the current
     screen is the only screen, it is not deleted.

`C-x 1'
     Get rid of all windows except the selected one

`C-x ^'
     Make the selected window taller, at the expense of the other(s)

`C-x }'
     Make the selected window wider (`enlarge-window-horizontally').

   To delete a window, type `C-x 0' (`delete-window').  (That is a
zero.)  The space occupied by the deleted window is distributed among
the other active windows (but not the minibuffer window, even if that
is active at the time).  Once a window is deleted, its attributes are
forgotten; there is no automatic way to make another window of the same
shape or showing the same buffer.  The buffer continues to exist, and
you can select it in any window with `C-x b'.

   `C-x 1' (`delete-other-windows') is more powerful than `C-x 0'; it
deletes all the windows except the selected one (and the minibuffer).
The selected window expands to use the whole screen except for the echo

   To readjust the division of space among existing windows, use `C-x
^' (`enlarge-window').  It makes the currently selected window longer
by one line or as many lines as a numeric argument specifies.  With a
negative argument, it makes the selected window smaller.  `C-x }'
(`enlarge-window-horizontally') makes the selected window wider by the
specified number of columns.  The extra screen space given to a window
comes from one of its neighbors, if that is possible; otherwise, all
the competing windows are shrunk in the same proportion.  If this makes
some windows too small, those windows are deleted and their space is
divided up.   Minimum window size is specified by the variables
`window-min-height' and `window-min-width'.

   You can also resize windows within a screen by clicking the left
mouse button on a modeline, and dragging.

   Clicking the right button on a mode line pops up a menu of common
window manager operations.  This menu contains the following options:

Delete Window
     Remove the window above this modeline from the screen.

Delete Other Windows
     Delete all windows on the screen except for the one above this

Split Window
     Split the window above the mode line in half, creating another

Split Window Horizontally
     Split the window above the mode line in half horizontally, so that
     there will be two windows side-by-side.

Balance Windows
     Readjust the sizes of all windows on the screen until all windows
     have roughly the same number of lines.

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