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Calendar Mode and the Diary

   Emacs provides the functions of a desk calendar, with a diary of past
or planned events.  Display the calendar by typing `M-x calendar'.
This command creates a window containing a three-month calendar centered
on the current month, with point on the current date.  Or, provide a
prefix argument by typing `C-u M-x calendar'; then you are prompted for
the month and year to be the center of the three-month calendar.  In
either case, you are now in Calendar mode.

   Calendar mode makes it easy to look at the holidays or diary entries
associated with various dates, and to change the diary entries.  You
can move freely between the Calendar window and other windows.  To exit
the calendar, type `q'.

* Calendar Motion
Moving through the calendar; selecting a date.
* Scroll Calendar
Bringing earlier or later months onto the screen.
* Mark and Region
Remembering dates, the mark ring.
* General Calendar
Conveniences for moving about.
* Holidays
Displaying dates of holidays.
* Sunrise/Sunset
Displaying local times of sunrise and sunset.
* Lunar Phases
Displaying phases of the moon.
* Other Calendars
Converting dates to other calendar systems.
* Diary
Displaying events from your diary.
* Calendar Customization
Altering the behavior of the features above.

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