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Blank Lines

   Here are special commands and techniques for entering and removing
blank lines.

     Insert one or more blank lines after the cursor (`open-line').

`C-x C-o'
     Delete all but one of many consecutive blank lines

   When you want to insert a new line of text before an existing line,
you just type the new line of text, followed by RET.  If you prefer to
create a blank line first and then insert the desired text, use the key
`C-o' (`open-line'), which inserts a newline after point but leaves
point in front of the newline.  Then type the text into the new line.
`C-o F O O' has the same effect as `F O O RET', except for the final
location of point.

   To create several blank lines, type `C-o' several times, or give
`C-o' an argument indicating how many blank lines to create.  *Note
Arguments::, for more information.

   If you have many blank lines in a row and want to get rid of them,
use `C-x C-o' (`delete-blank-lines').  If point is on a blank line
which is adjacent to at least one other blank line, `C-x C-o' deletes
all but one of the blank lines.  If point is on a blank line with no
other adjacent blank line, the sole blank line is deleted.  If point is
on a non-blank line, `C-x C-o' deletes any blank lines following that
non-blank line.

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