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   This Info file documents ILISP, a GNU Emacs interface for a lisp
running in a buffer.

* Distribution
How to get the latest ILISP distribution.
* Acknowledgements
* Introduction
An introduction to ILISP and its features.
* Installation
How to install ILISP.
* Starting up
How to run a Lisp process using ILISP.
* Buffers of ILISP
Buffers used by ILISP, and their commands.
* ILISP Commands
* Customization
Description of ILISP variables and hooks.
* Dialects
How ILISP knows how to communicate with Lisp, and how to define new dialects.
* Concept index
General concepts.
* Key index
ILISP key sequences.
* Command index
Commands by name.
* Variable index
Variables and hooks that influence ILISP's behavior.
* Function index
Internal Emacs Lisp functions.

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