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Buffers used by ILISP, and their commands

     The Lisp listener buffer.  Forms can be entered in this buffer in,
     and they will be sent to lisp when you hit return if the form is
     complete.  This buffer is in ilisp-mode, which is built on top of
     comint-mode, and all comint commands such as history mechanism and
     job control are available.

     A buffer is assumed to contain Lisp source code if its major mode
     is in the list `lisp-source-modes'.  If it's loaded into a buffer
     that is in one of these major modes, it's considered a lisp source
     file by `find-file-lisp', `load-file-lisp' and `compile-file-lisp'.
     Used by these commands to determine defaults.

     Used for listing completions of symbols or files by the completion
     commands.  Note: Completion.

`*Aborted Commands*'
     Note: Interrupts.

`*Error Output*'
     used to pop-up results and errors from the inferior LISP.

     Buffer containing the last form sent to the inferior LISP.

     Note: Source code commands.

     Note: Batch commands.

* Popper buffers
temporary buffers used for display.
* Switching buffers
Switching buffers

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