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   ILISP replaces the standard inferior LISP mode.  ILISP is based on
comint mode and derived from a number of different interfaces including
Symbolics, cmulisp, and Thinking Machines.

   There are many people that have taken the time to report bugs, make
suggestions and even better send code to fix bugs or implement new

   Thanks to Neil Smithline, David Braunegg, Fred White, Jim Healy,
Larry Stead, Hans Chalupsky, Michael Ernst, Frank Ritter, Tom Emerson,
David Duff, Dan Pierson, Michael Kashket, Jamie Zawinski, Bjorn Victor,
Brian Dennis, Guido Bosch, Chuck Irvine, Thomas M. Breuel, Ben Hyde,
Paul Fuqua (for the CMU-CL GC display code) and Marco Antoniotti for bug
reports, suggestions and code.  My apologies to those whom I may have

   Special thanks to Todd Kaufmann for the texinfo file, work on bridge,
epoch-pop and for really exercising everything.

   Please send bug reports, fixes and extensions to
`ilisp-bug@darwin.bu.edu' so I can merge them into the master source.

     --Chris McConnell  18-Mar-91
     --Ivan Vazquez     27-Jun-93

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