(gnus.info)Article Commands

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Article Commands

   In the Article buffer the following commands are available:

     Scroll text of the current window (`gnus-Article-next-page').

     Scroll text of the current window (`gnus-Article-prev-page').

     Refer to article specified by the Message-ID close to the point

     Return to the previous article from the referenced article

     Reconfigure Emacs windows to show the Subject buffer above the
     Article buffer and move the point to the Subject buffer

     Describe Article Mode commands briefly

`C-c C-i'
     Read Info on Article Mode (`gnus-Info-find-node').  Note: Texinfo
     Manual, to prepare an Info file of GNUS.

   The command `r' (`gnus-Article-refer-article') searches for the
Message-ID around the point, and refers to the article specified by it
if found.  Use the command `o' (`gnus-Article-pop-article') to return
to the previous article.  Note: Referencing Articles, for referencing
parent articles easily.

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