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   The author would like to thank all those who have helped design and
develop GNUS, and who tested non stable code at their own risk.

   Haruo Yokota, Hiroyuki Yoshida, and Kohji Akiyama contributed many
valuable suggestions in the early stages of the development of GNUS.
Nobuyuki Hiraoka, Tsuneo Nakata, and Mark Feldman patiently tested non
stable code and contributed valuable comments.  Mark Feldman also helped
with proofreading.  Mike Khaw, Kouich Kumon, and Mitsuhiro Kishimoto
helped contribute the name GNUS.  Itaru Ichikawa helped implement the
caesar rotations for Japanese characters.  Yasunari Itoh, Akio Shibata,
and Ken-ichi Sakaeda made this software available on SX/A Emacs and some
old versions of GNU Emacs.  Leonard H.  Tower Jr., Bob Sutterfield, and
Karl Kleinpaste helped create mailing lists for GNUS users.  Bob
Sutterfield has also been managing the info-gnus-english mailing list.
Jordan K.  Hubbard helped with proofreading of this Texinfo manual.

   The author would also like to thank many other GNUS users who have
sent comments, suggestions, and bug fixes.  Thanks also go to Richard
Stallman and the Free Software Foundation for their good work.

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