(gdb.info)Renamed Commands

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Renamed Commands

   The following commands were renamed in GDB 4, in order to make the
command set as a whole more consistent and easier to use and remember:

     OLD COMMAND               NEW COMMAND
     ---------------           -------------------------------
     add-syms                  add-symbol-file
     delete environment        unset environment
     info convenience          show convenience
     info copying              show copying
     info directories          show directories
     info editing              show commands
     info history              show values
     info targets              help target
     info values               show values
     info version              show version
     info warranty             show warranty
     set/show addressprint     set/show print address
     set/show array-max        set/show print elements
     set/show arrayprint       set/show print array
     set/show asm-demangle     set/show print asm-demangle
     set/show caution          set/show confirm
     set/show demangle         set/show print demangle
     set/show history write    set/show history save
     set/show prettyprint      set/show print pretty
     set/show screen-height    set/show height
     set/show screen-width     set/show width
     set/show sevenbit-strings set/show print sevenbit-strings
     set/show unionprint       set/show print union
     set/show vtblprint        set/show print vtbl
     unset                     [No longer an alias for delete]

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