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Remote debugging

   If you are trying to debug a program running on a machine that
cannot run GDB in the usual way, it is often useful to use remote
debugging.  For example, you might use remote debugging on an operating
system kernel, or on a small system which does not have a general
purpose operating system powerful enough to run a full-featured

   Some configurations of GDB have special serial or TCP/IP interfaces
to make this work with particular debugging targets.  In addition, GDB
comes with a generic serial protocol (specific to GDB, but not specific
to any particular target system) which you can use if you write the
remote stubs--the code that runs on the remote system to communicate
with GDB.

   Other remote targets may be available in your configuration of GDB;
use `help targets' to list them.

* Remote Serial
GDB remote serial protocol
* i960-Nindy Remote
GDB with a remote i960 (Nindy)
* UDI29K Remote
The UDI protocol for AMD29K
* EB29K Remote
The EBMON protocol for AMD29K
* VxWorks Remote
GDB and VxWorks
* ST2000 Remote
GDB with a Tandem ST2000
* Hitachi Remote
GDB and Hitachi Microprocessors
* MIPS Remote
GDB and MIPS boards
* Simulator
Simulated CPU target

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