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Installing GNU CC on the WE32K

   These computers are also known as the 3b2, 3b5, 3b20 and other
similar names.  (However, the 3b1 is actually a 68000; see Note: 3b1

   Don't use `-g' when compiling with the system's compiler.  The
system's linker seems to be unable to handle such a large program with
debugging information.

   The system's compiler runs out of capacity when compiling `stmt.c'
in GNU CC.  You can work around this by building `cpp' in GNU CC first,
then use that instead of the system's preprocessor with the system's C
compiler to compile `stmt.c'.  Here is how:

     mv /lib/cpp /lib/cpp.att
     cp cpp /lib/cpp.gnu
     echo '/lib/cpp.gnu -traditional ${1+"$@"}' > /lib/cpp
     chmod +x /lib/cpp

   The system's compiler produces bad code for some of the GNU CC
optimization files.  So you must build the stage 2 compiler without
optimization.  Then build a stage 3 compiler with optimization.  That
executable should work.  Here are the necessary commands:

     make LANGUAGES=c CC=stage1/xgcc CFLAGS="-Bstage1/ -g"
     make stage2
     make CC=stage2/xgcc CFLAGS="-Bstage2/ -g -O"

   You may need to raise the ULIMIT setting to build a C++ compiler, as
the file `cc1plus' is larger than one megabyte.

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