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Installing GNU CC on Unos

   Use `configure unos' for building on Unos.

   The Unos assembler is named `casm' instead of `as'.  For some
strange reason linking `/bin/as' to `/bin/casm' changes the behavior,
and does not work.  So, when installing GNU CC, you should install the
following script as `as' in the subdirectory where the passes of GCC
are installed:

     casm $*

   The default Unos library is named `libunos.a' instead of `libc.a'.
To allow GNU CC to function, either change all references to `-lc' in
`gcc.c' to `-lunos' or link `/lib/libc.a' to `/lib/libunos.a'.

   When compiling GNU CC with the standard compiler, to overcome bugs in
the support of `alloca', do not use `-O' when making stage 2.  Then use
the stage 2 compiler with `-O' to make the stage 3 compiler.  This
compiler will have the same characteristics as the usual stage 2
compiler on other systems.  Use it to make a stage 4 compiler and
compare that with stage 3 to verify proper compilation.

   (Perhaps simply defining `ALLOCA' in `x-crds' as described in the
comments there will make the above paragraph superfluous.  Please
inform us of whether this works.)

   Unos uses memory segmentation instead of demand paging, so you will
need a lot of memory.  5 Mb is barely enough if no other tasks are
running.  If linking `cc1' fails, try putting the object files into a
library and linking from that library.

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