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Installing on the HP Precision Architecture

   There are two variants of this CPU, called 1.0 and 1.1, which have
different machine descriptions.  You must use the right one for your
machine.  All 7NN machines and 8N7 machines use 1.1, while all other
8NN machines use 1.0.

   The easiest way to handle this problem is to use `configure hpNNN'
or `configure hpNNN-hpux', where NNN is the model number of the
machine.  Then `configure' will figure out if the machine is a 1.0 or
1.1.  Use `uname -a' to find out the model number of your machine.

   `-g' does not work on HP-UX, since that system uses a peculiar
debugging format which GNU CC does not know about.  There are
preliminary versions of GAS and GDB for the HP-PA which do work with
GNU CC for debugging.  You can get them by anonymous ftp from
`jaguar.cs.utah.edu' `dist' subdirectory.  You would need to install
GAS in the file


where CONFIGURATION is the configuration name (perhaps `hpNNN-hpux')
and GCCVERSION is the GNU CC version number.  Do this *before* starting
the build process, otherwise you will get errors from the HPUX
assembler while building `libgcc2.a'.  The command

     make install-dir

will create the necessary directory hierarchy so you can install GAS
before building GCC.

   If you obtained GAS before October 6, 1992 it is highly recommended
you get a new one to avoid several bugs which have been discovered

   To enable debugging, configure GNU CC with the `--gas' option before

   It has been reported that GNU CC produces invalid assembly code for
1.1 machines running HP-UX 8.02 when using the HP assembler.  Typically
the errors look like this:
     as: bug.s @line#15 [err#1060]
       Argument 0 or 2 in FARG upper
              - lookahead = ARGW1=FR,RTNVAL=GR
     as: foo.s @line#28 [err#1060]
       Argument 0 or 2 in FARG upper
              - lookahead = ARGW1=FR

   You can check the version of HP-UX you are running by executing the
command `uname -r'.   If you are indeed running HP-UX 8.02 on a PA and
using the HP assembler then configure GCC with "hpNNN-hpux8.02".

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