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Window management

   Vi had commands for multiple file management, but it never tried to
pretend it handled multiple windows.  However, it did have the `z'
command for simple window management, like making the window bigger or
smaller.  In Evi, the `z' command is extended to handle most Emacs
window management needs.  Additional suggestions are welcome.

     Delete the current window from the screen.

     Make the current window fill the screen.

     Split the current window in two vertically.

     Same as `z0='.

     Same as `z1='.

     Split the current window in two horizontally.

     These two let you adjust the size of the current window by <num>.
     Use z<num>. to adjust the window size absolutely.

     Go to the next window (forward).

     Same as `zf'.

     Go to the previous window (backward).

     Same as `zb'.

     These are aliases for `zRET', `z.', and `z-' and correspond to the
     arguments to the mark command.

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