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* Overview
What is Evi?
* Setting up Evi
How to start using Evi
* File and buffer management
How vi file and buffer commands work under Evi, plus Evi extensions
* Window management
How vi window management commands work under Evi, plus Evi extensions
* Emacs commands
How to access emacs commands from Evi
* Emacs editing modes
Taking advantage of emacs editing modes
* Customizing
How to customize Evi
* Arrow keys
How to use the arrow keys
* Enhancements
Various Evi enhancements to vi
* New operators
New commands that operate over regions
* Differences
Differences between Evi and vi
* Ex commands
Supported ex commands and variable settings
* Note to vip users
Differences between Evi and vip
* Bugs
What to do if things go wrong
* Mailing list
How to join and submit to the Evi mailing list
* Getting a copy of Evi
How and where to get more recent copies of Evi
* Credits
Who contributed to Evi

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