(evi.info)Setting up Evi

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Setting up Evi

   To just test Evi out, type:
     M-x load-file RET evi.el RET
     M-x evi RET
   (don't type the spaces) You will now be in the emulator.

   If you have any trouble at this point due to something in your
`.exrc' or `EXINIT', and wish to suppress sourcing of `.exrc' and
`EXINIT', place the following in your `.emacs':
     (setq evi-supress-ex-startup t)
   Then, send me a note with the contents of your `.exrc' and `EXINIT'
so we can fix the problem.

   If you decide to continue using Evi, I would recommend first you byte
compile it to speed things up, using the following shell command:
     emacs -batch -l evi.el -f batch-byte-compile evi.el
   Next, if you want to use Evi all the time, put the following at the
end of your `.emacs' file:
     (load "<wherever-evi-is>/evi")
     (setq term-setup-hook 'evi)
   this will make emacs go into Evi every time you fire it up.  Of
course, you may wish to have Evi properly installed for all to use -
consult your local emacs guru.

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