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   Evi is a vi emulator aimed at those who are either just plain
accustomed to vi, or who just simply happen to like its style of
editing better than emacs' default.  Evi's first goal is vi
compatibility.  Its second goal is to be an extension of vi, taking
advantage of features supplied by the emacs environment, without simply
becoming emacs with vi'ish key bindings.

   Ideally, you shouldn't need any special manual to start using Evi,
other than your vi manual.  By default evi is set-up to emulate vi as
closely as possible, including using your EXINIT environment variable
and/or .exrc startup files.  Of course, you'll need to know how to get
started with Evi, and you'll probably want to take advantage of some of
Evi's extensions, and be aware of what's different between vi and Evi.
That's what this manual covers.

   A note on conventions used in this manual: `M-x' means the escape
key followed by the character x (where x is any character), `C-x' means
control-x, RET means the return key, ESC means the escape key.

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