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Note to vip users

   Undo does not continue via `.'.  This is incompatible with vi - the
sequence `u.' in vi means `undo, then do again', whereas in vip it means
`undo, then undo some more.'  For the vip functionality use
evi-undo-more, described in the section on enhancements.

   The vip commands for editing a file (`v' and `V') and switching
buffers (`s', and `S') are not supported.  Use `:e', `:E', `:b', and
`:B' instead.  See previous section on file and buffer management, or
try these cute macros which are (mostly) functional replacements,
including doing file and buffer completion (note the space on the end
of the line):
     :map v :edit |map V :Edit |map K :kill |map s :buffer |map S :Buffer

   `:q' exits emacs.  I believe the default behaviour in vip is to
simply kill the current buffer (a concept vi doesn't really have) -
either that or quit vi emulation.  Any of these choices is reasonable,
however, given `:k' for killing buffers (a new command for a new
concept), and `Q' for exiting vi emulation, I chose to have `:q' do
exactly what it does in vi.

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