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   The following vi commands behave differently in Evi or not

     (insert mode only) Not implemented.

     Not implemented.

     Doesn't always do the right thing, and it doesn't do the timeout
     trick necessary to allow it to recognize keypad sequences.

     Not implemented.

     Quits evi mode, returning you to emacs, similiar to the way `Q' in
     vi quits visual mode, returning you to ex.

   Digit registers don't work entirely correctly - there are
circumstances in which separate lines of a change/deletion are supposed
to go into separate registers

   `:set lisp' has no effect, however, emacs does largely take care of
any lisp'ish behaviour you'd want automatically if the file you're
editing is suffixed with `.l' or `.el'.  One particular loss, however,
is that `)' and `(' don't work on s-expressions like they would in vi
with lisp set.

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