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Arrow keys

   If you like your arrow keys, there's one incompatibility that's not
easily fixed under version 18 of emacs.  Vi recognizes arrow keys that
send ESC prefixed sequences by using a very short timeout to determine
the difference between an ESC typed by a person, and an ESC sequence
sent by the terminal.  A compromise, if you happen to have such a
terminal is to `:set notimeout', which makes `ESC ESC' behave like a
single ESC and maps your arrow keys to `h', `j', `k', and `l'.  As a
side effect in Evi, the normal emacs ESC prefix commands will be in
effect (except for `ESC ESC' of course).  This could be undesirable if
you're in the habit of hitting the escape key a lot to verify you're in
command mode, and follow that immediately with a command.  This should
be fixable in version 19 of emacs.

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