(emacs)Using Region

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Operating on the Region

   Once you have set up a region and the mark is active, you can do many
things to the text in it:

   * Kill it with `C-w' (Note: Killing.).

   * Save it in a register with `C-x r s' (Note: Registers.).

   * Save it in a buffer or a file (Note: Accumulating Text.).

   * Convert case with `C-x C-l' or `C-x C-u' (Note: Case.).

   * Indent it with `C-x TAB' or `C-M-\' (Note: Indentation.).

   * Fill it as text with `M-x fill-region' (Note: Filling.).

   * Print hardcopy with `M-x print-region' (Note: Hardcopy.).

   * Evaluate it as Lisp code with `M-x eval-region' (Note: Lisp

   Most commands that operate on the text in the region have the word
`region' in their names.

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