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Line Numbers

   If a number is the first non-whitespace in the line, Fortran
indentation assumes it is a line number and moves it to columns 0
through 4.  (Columns always count from 0 in GNU Emacs.)

   Line numbers of four digits or less are normally indented one space.
The variable `fortran-line-number-indent' controls this; it specifies
the maximum indentation a line number can have.  Line numbers are
indented to right-justify them to end in column 4 unless that would
require more than this maximum indentation.  The default value of the
variable is 1.

   Simply inserting a line number is enough to indent it according to
these rules.  As each digit is inserted, the indentation is recomputed.
To turn off this feature, set the variable
`fortran-electric-line-number' to `nil'.  Then inserting line numbers
is like inserting anything else.

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