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Tree Dired Extra features

   Numerous "extra" features are available, such as omitting certain
files from listings, minibuffer history, RCS related commands, and more.

* Tree Dired Extra Features
* Dired Minibuffer History
* Inserting All Marked Subdirectories
* Dynamic Dired Markers
* Omitting Files in Dired
* Advanced Dired Mark Commands
* Virtual Dired
* Multiple Dired Directories
* Dired Local Variables
* Making Relative Symbolic Links in Dired
* Letting Dired Guess What Shell Command to Apply
* dired-trns.el
Filename Transformers for Dired Shell Commands
* dired-cd.el
Changing the Working Directory for Dired Shell Commands
* dired-nstd.el
Nested Dired format
* find-dired.el
Feeding Find Output to Dired

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