(dired.info)Printing the Marked Files

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Printing the Marked Files

     (`dired-do-print') Print the marked (or next N) files.  Uses the
     shell command coming from variables `lpr-command' and
     `lpr-switches' as default.

     Since internally this is just a special case of
     `dired-do-shell-command', you can use `*' and pipes like for shell
     command, e.g.,
          (setq lpr-command: "lwf")
          (setq lpr-switches: '("-l -m * | lpr -Palw"))
     to print with the shell command `lwf -l -m * | lpr -Palw', where
     `*' will be substituted by the marked files.  The `lpr-buffer' and
     `lpr-region' don't know about `*' or `|', though, only Dired does.

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