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Marking Files in Dired

This section describes commands to mark and unmark single files, and
commands to mark several files at once if they match certain criteria.
There also is a command to move to the next marked file.

   As always, hidden subdirs are not affected.  Note: Hiding
Directories in Dired.

     (`dired-mark-subdir-or-file') If on a file line, mark the current
     file.  A numeric argument tells how many next or previous files to
     mark.  If on a subdirectory header line, mark all its files except
     `.' and `..'.

     (`dired-unmark-subdir-or-file') Like `m', only unmarking instead
     of marking.

     (`dired-backup-unflag') Move up lines and remove flags there.
     Optional prefix argument says how many lines to unflag; default is
     one line.

     (`dired-unflag-all-files') Remove a specific or all flags from
     every file.  With an argument, queries for each marked file.  Type
     your help character, usually `C-h', at that time for help.

     (`dired-mark-executables') Mark all executable files.  With prefix
     argument, unflag all those files.

     (`dired-mark-symlinks') Mark all symbolic links.  With prefix
     argument, unflag all those files.

     (`dired-mark-directories') Mark all directory files except `.' and
     `..'.  With prefix argument, unflag all those files.

     (`dired-mark-files-regexp') Mark all files matching REGEXP for use
     in later commands.  A prefix argument means to unmark them
     instead.  `.' and `..' are never marked.

     The match is against the non-directory part of the filename.  Use
     `^' and `$' to anchor matches.  Exclude subdirs by hiding them.

     This is an Emacs regexp, not a shell wildcard.	E.g., use `\.o$' for
     object files - just `.o' will mark more than you might think.  By
     default, the match is case sensitive (just like filenames), since
     `case-fold-search' is set to `nil' in Dired buffers.

     (`dired-next-marked-file') Move to the next marked file, wrapping
     around the end of the buffer.

     (`dired-prev-marked-file') Move to the previous marked file,
     wrapping around the beginning of the buffer.

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