(dired.info)Hiding Directories in Dired

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Hiding Directories in Dired

"Hiding" a subdirectory means to make it invisible, except for its
headerline.  Files inside a hidden subdirectory are never considered by
Dired.  For example, mark-using commands will not "see" files in a
hidden directory.  Thus you can use hiding to temporarily exclude
subdirectories from operations without having to remove the markers.

   The hiding commands toggle, that is they unhide what was hidden and
vice versa.

     (`dired-hide-subdir') Hide or unhide the current subdirectory and
     move to next directory.  Optional prefix argument is a repeat

     (`dired-hide-all') Hide all subdirectories, leaving only their
     header lines.  If there is already something hidden, make
     everything visible again.  Use this command to get an overview in
     very deep directory trees or to move quickly to subdirs far away.

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