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Dynamic Marker Characters

   You can change the marker character from its usual value `*' to
something else.  Use this to mark a different set of files while keeping
the information on the already marked files.  You can nest several
marker characters.  The current stack of marker characters is displayed
in the Dired mode line, and all prompts of mark-using commands mention
to which marker they apply.

     (`dired-set-marker-char') Set the marker character to something
     else.  Use `)' to restore the previous value.

     (`dired-restore-marker-char') Restore the marker character to its
     previous value.  Uses `dired-default-marker' if the marker stack is

   Instead of using `m' inside a `('...`)', you can mark files "in
passing" with, say `Z' without changing the current marker character.
You will probably later use `(' to temporarily make `Z' to the marker
and do something on the `Z'-files, and then return using `)'.

     Default: `'("Z")'

     List of keys (strings) that insert themselves as file markers.

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