(dired.info)Dired Local Variables

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Local Variables for Dired Directories

   When Dired visits a directory, it looks for a file whose name is the
value of variable `dired-local-variables-file' (default: `.dired').  If
such a file is found, Dired will temporarily insert it into the Dired
buffer and run `hack-local-variables'.  *Note Local Variables in Files:
(emacs)File Variables.  You can set `dired-local-variables-file' to
`nil' to suppress this.

   For example, put

     Local Variables:
     dired-actual-switches: "-lat"
     dired-sort-mode: " by date"

   into a `.dired' file of a directory to sort by date only in that
directory.  Note that since `dired-hack-local-variables' is run inside
`dired-mode-hook' the modeline has already been set, so you have to
update that for yourself by setting `dired-sort-mode' in addition to
changing the switches.

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