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Dired Configuration

   The following variables should have already been installed correctly
by your system manager.  If not, you can still set them in your
`~/.emacs' file.

     Pathname of chown command, default `"chown"' (or `"/etc/chown"' on
     System V derived systems.)

     Absolute or relative name of the `ls' program used by Dired,
     default `"ls"'.

     Set this to `t' if dired-ls-program with `-lF' marks the symbolic
     link itself with a trailing `@' (usually the case under Ultrix).

     Example: If

          ln -s foo bar; ls -F bar


          bar -> foo

     set it to `nil', if it gives

          bar@ -> foo

     set it to `t'.

     Dired checks if there is really a @ appended.  Thus, if you have a
     marking `ls' program on one host and a non-marking one on another
     host, and do not care about symbolic links which really end in a
     @, you can always set this variable to `t'.

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