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Dired, the Directory Editor

   Dired makes it easy to delete or visit many of the files in a single
directory (and possibly its subdirectories) at once.  It makes an Emacs
buffer containing a listing of the directories, in the format of `ls
-lR'.  You can use the normal Emacs commands to move around in this
buffer, and special Dired commands to operate on the files.  You can
run shell commands on files, visit, compress, load or byte-compile
them, change their file attributes and insert subdirectories into the
same buffer.  You can "mark" files for later commands or "flag" them
for deletion, either file by file or all files matching certain

* Entering Dired
* Editing in Dired
* Listing Files in Dired
* Marking Files in Dired
* Mark-using Commands
* Commands That Do Not Use Marks
* Subdirectories in Dired
* Hiding Directories in Dired
* Acknowledgement
* Dired Customization

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