(dired.info)Changing File Attributes

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Changing File Attributes

You can change the file attributes (mode, group, owner) of marked files.

     (`dired-do-chmod') Change the mode (also called "permission bits")
     of the marked files.  This calls the `chmod' program, thus
     symbolic modes like `g+w' are allowed.

     Multiple switches like `-fR g+w' are not understood, though.  Use
     `!' (`dired-do-shell-command') for that.

     (`dired-do-chgrp') Change the group of the marked files.

     (`dired-do-chown') Change the owner of the marked files.  This
     usually works for the superuser only.  It uses the program in the
     variable `dired-chown-program' to do the change.

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