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I would like to thank

   * Richard Stallman for providing a pre-release version of `dired.el'
     from Emacs 19, critical comments and many helpful suggestions

   * Andy Norman for the collaboration that made Tree Dired and
     ange-ftp such a successful combination

   * Jamie Zawinski for insisting on and writing nested Dired format,
     and for lots of other things

   * Michael Ernst for the "omitting" code and helpful discussion about
     Dired design

   * Hans Chalupsky for providing FTP service and writing

   * Roland McGrath for `find-dired.el' and bug fixes for the diffing

   * Kevin Gallagher for sending me existing VMS Dired fixes

   * Hal R. Brand for VMS support and porting his old dired fixes to
     Tree Dired

   * Hugh Secker-Walker for writing `dired-cd.el'

   * Tom Wurgler for ideas such as the "dired-jump-back" command

   * Cengiz Alaettinoglu, who found more bugs in Tree Dired than
     anybody else (except me)

and all other beta testers and people who reported bugs or just said

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