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Common Lisp Extensions

This document describes a set of Emacs Lisp facilities borrowed from
Common Lisp.  All the facilities are described here in detail; for more
discussion and examples, Guy L. Steele's `Common Lisp, the Language',
second edition, is the definitive book on Common Lisp.  While this
document does not assume any prior knowledge of Common Lisp, it does
assume a basic familiarity with Emacs Lisp.

* Overview
Installation, usage, etc.
* Program Structure
Arglists, `eval-when', `defalias'
* Predicates
`typep', `eql', and `equalp'
* Control Structure
`setf', `when', `do', `loop', etc.
* Macros
Destructuring, `define-compiler-macro'
* Declarations
`proclaim', `declare', etc.
* Symbols
Property lists, `gensym'
* Numbers
Predicates, functions, random numbers
* Sequences
Mapping, functions, searching, sorting
* Lists
`cadr', `sublis', `member*', `assoc*', etc.
* Hash Tables
`make-hash-table', `gethash', etc.
* Structures
* Assertions
`check-type', `assert', `ignore-errors'.
* Efficiency Concerns
Hints and techniques
* Common Lisp Compatibility
All known differences with Steele
* Old CL Compatibility
All known differences with old cl.el
* Porting Common Lisp
Hints for porting Common Lisp code
* Function Index
* Variable Index

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