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Token Type Names

   The basic way to declare a token type name (terminal symbol) is as

     %token NAME

   Bison will convert this into a `#define' directive in the parser, so
that the function `yylex' (if it is in this file) can use the name NAME
to stand for this token type's code.

   Alternatively, you can use `%left', `%right', or `%nonassoc' instead
of `%token', if you wish to specify precedence.  Note: Operator

   You can explicitly specify the numeric code for a token type by
appending an integer value in the field immediately following the token

     %token NUM 300

It is generally best, however, to let Bison choose the numeric codes for
all token types.  Bison will automatically select codes that don't
conflict with each other or with ASCII characters.

   In the event that the stack type is a union, you must augment the
`%token' or other token declaration to include the data type
alternative delimited by angle-brackets (Note: More Than One Value

   For example:

     %union {              /* define stack type */
       double val;
       symrec *tptr;
     %token <val> NUM      /* define token NUM and its type */

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