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Stages in Using Bison

   The actual language-design process using Bison, from grammar
specification to a working compiler or interpreter, has these parts:

  1. Formally specify the grammar in a form recognized by Bison (*note
     Bison Grammar Files: Grammar File.).  For each grammatical rule in
     the language, describe the action that is to be taken when an
     instance of that rule is recognized.  The action is described by a
     sequence of C statements.

  2. Write a lexical analyzer to process input and pass tokens to the
     parser.  The lexical analyzer may be written by hand in C (*note
     The Lexical Analyzer Function `yylex': Lexical.).  It could also
     be produced using Lex, but the use of Lex is not discussed in this

  3. Write a controlling function that calls the Bison-produced parser.

  4. Write error-reporting routines.

   To turn this source code as written into a runnable program, you
must follow these steps:

  1. Run Bison on the grammar to produce the parser.

  2. Compile the code output by Bison, as well as any other source

  3. Link the object files to produce the finished product.

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