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A Pure (Reentrant) Parser

   A "reentrant" program is one which does not alter in the course of
execution; in other words, it consists entirely of "pure" (read-only)
code.  Reentrancy is important whenever asynchronous execution is
possible; for example, a nonreentrant program may not be safe to call
from a signal handler.  In systems with multiple threads of control, a
nonreentrant program must be called only within interlocks.

   The Bison parser is not normally a reentrant program, because it uses
statically allocated variables for communication with `yylex'.  These
variables include `yylval' and `yylloc'.

   The Bison declaration `%pure_parser' says that you want the parser
to be reentrant.  It looks like this:


   The effect is that the two communication variables become local
variables in `yyparse', and a different calling convention is used for
the lexical analyzer function `yylex'.  *Note Calling for Pure Parsers:
Pure Calling, for the details of this.  The variable `yynerrs' also
becomes local in `yyparse' (Note: The Error Reporting Function
`yyerror'.).  The convention for calling `yyparse'
itself is unchanged.

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