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Calling for Pure Parsers

   When you use the Bison declaration `%pure_parser' to request a pure,
reentrant parser, the global communication variables `yylval' and
`yylloc' cannot be used.  (Note: A Pure (Reentrant) Parser.)
In such parsers the two global variables are replaced by pointers
passed as arguments to `yylex'.  You must declare them as shown here,
and pass the information back by storing it through those pointers.

     yylex (lvalp, llocp)
          YYSTYPE *lvalp;
          YYLTYPE *llocp;
       *lvalp = value;  /* Put value onto Bison stack.  */
       return INT;      /* Return the type of the token.  */

   If the grammar file does not use the `@' constructs to refer to
textual positions, then the type `YYLTYPE' will not be defined.  In
this case, omit the second argument; `yylex' will be called with only
one argument.

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