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   Now we show and explain three sample programs written using Bison: a
reverse polish notation calculator, an algebraic (infix) notation
calculator, and a multi-function calculator.  All three have been tested
under BSD Unix 4.3; each produces a usable, though limited, interactive
desk-top calculator.

   These examples are simple, but Bison grammars for real programming
languages are written the same way.  You can copy these examples out of
the Info file and into a source file to try them.

* RPN Calc
Reverse polish notation calculator; a first example with no operator precedence.
* Infix Calc
Infix (algebraic) notation calculator. Operator precedence is introduced.
* Simple Error Recovery
Continuing after syntax errors.
* Multi-function Calc
Calculator with memory and trig functions. It uses multiple data-types for semantic values.
* Exercises
Ideas for improving the multi-function calculator.

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