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Bison Declarations

   The "Bison declarations" section of a Bison grammar defines the
symbols used in formulating the grammar and the data types of semantic
values.  Note: Symbols.

   All token type names (but not single-character literal tokens such as
`'+'' and `'*'') must be declared.  Nonterminal symbols must be
declared if you need to specify which data type to use for the semantic
value (Note: More Than One Value Type.).

   The first rule in the file also specifies the start symbol, by
default.  If you want some other symbol to be the start symbol, you
must declare it explicitly (*note Languages and Context-Free Grammars:
Language and Grammar.).

* Token Decl
Declaring terminal symbols.
* Precedence Decl
Declaring terminals with precedence and associativity.
* Union Decl
Declaring the set of all semantic value types.
* Type Decl
Declaring the choice of type for a nonterminal symbol.
* Expect Decl
Suppressing warnings about shift/reduce conflicts.
* Start Decl
Specifying the start symbol.
* Pure Decl
Requesting a reentrant parser.
* Decl Summary
Table of all Bison declarations.

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