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The Concepts of Bison

   This chapter introduces many of the basic concepts without which the
details of Bison will not make sense.  If you do not already know how to
use Bison or Yacc, we suggest you start by reading this chapter

* Language and Grammar
Languages and context-free grammars, as mathematical ideas.
* Grammar in Bison
How we represent grammars for Bison's sake.
* Semantic Values
Each token or syntactic grouping can have a semantic value (the value of an integer, the name of an identifier, etc.).
* Semantic Actions
Each rule can have an action containing C code.
* Bison Parser
What are Bison's input and output, how is the output used?
* Stages
Stages in writing and running Bison grammars.
* Grammar Layout
Overall structure of a Bison grammar file.

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