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4.2 Dealing with Autoconf versions

The following optional macros can be used to help choose the minimum
version of Autoconf that can successfully compile a given

     Ensure that a recent enough version of Autoconf is being used.  If
     the version of Autoconf being used to create `configure' is
     earlier than VERSION, print an error message to the standard error
     output and exit with failure (exit status is 63).  For example:


     This macro is the only macro that may be used before `AC_INIT', but
     for consistency, you are invited not to do so.

     This macro was introduced in Autoconf 2.62.  It identifies the
     version of Autoconf that is currently parsing the input file, in a
     format suitable for `m4_version_compare' (*note
     m4_version_compare::); in other words, for this release of
     Autoconf, its value is `2.62'.  One potential use of this macro is
     for writing conditional fallbacks based on when a feature was
     added to Autoconf, rather than using `AC_PREREQ' to require the
     newer version of Autoconf.  However, remember that the Autoconf
     philosophy favors feature checks over version checks.

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