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4 Initialization and Output Files

Autoconf-generated `configure' scripts need some information about how
to initialize, such as how to find the package's source files and about
the output files to produce.  The following sections describe the
initialization and the creation of output files.

* Initializing configure
Option processing etc.
* Versioning
Dealing with Autoconf versions
* Notices
Copyright, version numbers in `configure'
* Input
Where Autoconf should find files
* Output
Outputting results from the configuration
* Configuration Actions
Preparing the output based on results
* Configuration Files
Creating output files
* Makefile Substitutions
Using output variables in makefiles
* Configuration Headers
Creating a configuration header file
* Configuration Commands
Running arbitrary instantiation commands
* Configuration Links
Links depending on the configuration
* Subdirectories
Configuring independent packages together
* Default Prefix
Changing the default installation prefix

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