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8.3 Programming in M4sugar

M4 by itself provides only a small, but sufficient, set of all-purpose
macros.  M4sugar introduces additional generic macros.  Its name was
coined by Lars J. Aas: "Readability And Greater Understanding Stands 4

   M4sugar reserves the macro namespace `^_m4_' for internal use, and
the macro namespace `^m4_' for M4sugar macros.  You should not define
your own macros into these namespaces.

* Redefined M4 Macros
M4 builtins changed in M4sugar
* Diagnostic Macros
Diagnostic messages from M4sugar
* Diversion support
Diversions in M4sugar
* Conditional constructs
Conditions in M4
* Looping constructs
Iteration in M4
* Evaluation Macros
More quotation and evaluation control
* Text processing Macros
String manipulation in M4
* Number processing Macros
Arithmetic computation in M4
* Forbidden Patterns
Catching unexpanded macros

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