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11 Portable Make Programming

Writing portable makefiles is an art.  Since a makefile's commands are
executed by the shell, you must consider the shell portability issues
already mentioned.  However, other issues are specific to `make' itself.

* $< in Ordinary Make Rules
$< in ordinary rules
* Failure in Make Rules
Failing portably in rules
* Special Chars in Names
Special Characters in Macro Names
* Backslash-Newline-Newline
Empty last lines in macro definitions
* Backslash-Newline Comments
Spanning comments across line boundaries
* Long Lines in Makefiles
Line length limitations
* Macros and Submakes
`make macro=value' and submakes
* The Make Macro MAKEFLAGS
`$(MAKEFLAGS)' portability issues
* The Make Macro SHELL
`$(SHELL)' portability issues
* Comments in Make Rules
Other problems with Make comments
* obj/ and Make
Don't name a subdirectory `obj'
* make -k Status
Exit status of `make -k'
* VPATH and Make
`VPATH' woes
* Single Suffix Rules
Single suffix rules and separated dependencies
* Timestamps and Make
Subsecond timestamp resolution

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