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2.4 Pointers

Developers who are used to the simplicity of `make' for small projects
on a single system might be daunted at the prospect of learning to use
Automake and Autoconf.  As your software is distributed to more and
more users, however, you otherwise quickly find yourself putting lots
of effort into reinventing the services that the GNU build tools
provide, and making the same mistakes that they once made and overcame.
(Besides, since you're already learning Autoconf, Automake is a piece
of cake.)

   There are a number of places that you can go to for more information
on the GNU build tools.

   - Web

     The home pages for Autoconf
     (http://www.gnu.org/software/autoconf/), Automake
     (http://www.gnu.org/software/automake/), Gnulib
     (http://www.gnu.org/software/gnulib/), and Libtool

   - Automake Manual

     Note: Automake, for more information on Automake.

   - Books

     The book `GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool'(1) describes the
     complete GNU build environment.  You can also find the entire book
     on-line (http://sources.redhat.com/autobook/).

   ---------- Footnotes ----------

   (1) `GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool', by G. V. Vaughan, B.
Elliston, T. Tromey, and I. L. Taylor.  SAMS (originally New Riders),
2000, ISBN 1578701902.

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