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4.3 Notices in `configure'

The following macros manage version numbers for `configure' scripts.
Using them is optional.

     State that, in addition to the Free Software Foundation's
     copyright on the Autoconf macros, parts of your `configure' are
     covered by the COPYRIGHT-NOTICE.

     The COPYRIGHT-NOTICE shows up in both the head of `configure' and
     in `configure --version'.

     Copy revision stamp REVISION-INFO into the `configure' script,
     with any dollar signs or double-quotes removed.  This macro lets
     you put a revision stamp from `configure.ac' into `configure'
     without RCS or CVS changing it when you check in `configure'.
     That way, you can determine easily which revision of
     `configure.ac' a particular `configure' corresponds to.

     For example, this line in `configure.ac':

          AC_REVISION([$Revision: 1.30 $])

     produces this in `configure':

          # From configure.ac Revision: 1.30

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