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8.1 M4 Quotation

The most common problem with existing macros is an improper quotation.
This section, which users of Autoconf can skip, but which macro writers
_must_ read, first justifies the quotation scheme that was chosen for
Autoconf and then ends with a rule of thumb.  Understanding the former
helps one to follow the latter.

* Active Characters
Characters that change the behavior of M4
* One Macro Call
Quotation and one macro call
* Quoting and Parameters
M4 vs. shell parameters
* Quotation and Nested Macros
Macros calling macros
* Changequote is Evil
Worse than INTERCAL: M4 + changequote
* Quadrigraphs
Another way to escape special characters
* Quotation Rule Of Thumb
One parenthesis, one quote

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