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4.4 Finding `configure' Input

     UNIQUE-FILE-IN-SOURCE-DIR is some file that is in the package's
     source directory; `configure' checks for this file's existence to
     make sure that the directory that it is told contains the source
     code in fact does.  Occasionally people accidentally specify the
     wrong directory with `--srcdir'; this is a safety check.  *Note
     configure Invocation::, for more information.

   Packages that do manual configuration or use the `install' program
might need to tell `configure' where to find some other shell scripts
by calling `AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR', though the default places it looks are
correct for most cases.

     Use the auxiliary build tools (e.g., `install-sh', `config.sub',
     `config.guess', Cygnus `configure', Automake and Libtool scripts,
     etc.) that are in directory DIR.  These are auxiliary files used
     in configuration.  DIR can be either absolute or relative to
     `SRCDIR'.  The default is `SRCDIR' or `SRCDIR/..' or
     `SRCDIR/../..', whichever is the first that contains `install-sh'.
     The other files are not checked for, so that using
     `AC_PROG_INSTALL' does not automatically require distributing the
     other auxiliary files.  It checks for `install.sh' also, but that
     name is obsolete because some `make' have a rule that creates
     `install' from it if there is no makefile.

     The auxiliary directory is commonly named `build-aux'.  If you
     need portability to DOS variants, do not name the auxiliary
     directory `aux'.  Note: File System Conventions.

     Declares that FILE is expected in the directory defined above.  In
     Autoconf proper, this macro does nothing: its sole purpose is to be
     traced by third-party tools to produce a list of expected auxiliary
     files.  For instance it is called by macros like `AC_PROG_INSTALL'
     (Note: Particular Programs) or `AC_CANONICAL_BUILD' (*note
     Canonicalizing::) to register the auxiliary files they need.

   Similarly, packages that use `aclocal' should declare where local
macros can be found using `AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR'.

     Specify DIR as the location of additional local Autoconf macros.
     This macro is intended for use by future versions of commands like
     `autoreconf' that trace macro calls.  It should be called directly
     from `configure.ac' so that tools that install macros for
     `aclocal' can find the macros' declarations.

     Note that if you use `aclocal' from Automake to generate
     `aclocal.m4', you must also set `ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I DIR' in your
     top-level `Makefile.am'.  Due to a limitation in the Autoconf
     implementation of `autoreconf', these include directives currently
     must be set on a single line in `Makefile.am', without any

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